Paul Watson
(University of Newcastle)

NAME: Dr. Paul Watson
tel: +44 191 222 7653
fax: +44 191 222 8232

Dr. Paul Watson is Lecturer in Computing Science and Technical Director of the Centre for High Performance Computing and Networking at the University of Newcastle, England.

He received his BSc (1993) and PhD (1986) from Manchester University, and has worked in parallel computing for over 13 years, contributing to the design and development of four successful systems. As a Lecturer at Manchester he worked on the Alvey Flagship parallel system, followed by the ESPRIT EDS system. In 1990 he moved to ICL High Performance Systems to work as a System Designer on its comercial exploitation: the ICL Goldrush MegaSERVER.

Since moving to Newcastle in 1995 his research has focussed on parallel object database servers, low cost parallel platforms built from commodity components (he has built one at Newcastle) and implicit parallel programming.