Instructions for Final Paper Submission  

  1. Convert your file to PostScript format, i.e. create text file entitled
  2. Connect via anonymous ftp to
  3. Once within an ftp session, type

    1. ftp> cd /vecpar2000/
    2. ftp> ascii
    3. ftp> put «Ref»_«Surname».ps
    4. ftp> quit

  4. Notify the organisation by e-mail, to:
If your ftp operation fails and you need to transfer another version of your file, please add letters a, b ..., to your filename until you succeed. For instance,
  1. «Ref»_«Surname»
  2. «Ref»_«Surname»
  3. «Ref»_«Surname»
  4. ....
Remember that instructions for preparing your manuscript (restricted to 14 pages) must be found at the following address: