Minimizing Paging Tradeoffs Applying Coscheduling Techniques in a Linux Cluster
Francesc Gine - Universitat de Lleida
Francesc Solsona - Universitat de Lleida
Porfidio Hernandez - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Emilio Luque - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Our research is focussed on keeping both local and parallel jobs together
in a non-dedicated cluster or NOW (Network of Workstations) and efficiently
scheduling them by means of coscheduling mechanisms. 

The performance of a good coscheduling policy can decrease drastically
if memory requirements are not kept in mind. The overflow of the physical
memory into the virtual memory usually causes a severe performance
penalty. A real implementation of a coscheduling technique for reducing
the number of page faults across a non-dedicated Linux cluster is
presented in this article. Our technique is based on knowledge of
events obtained during execution, as communication activity, page
faults and memory size of every task. Its performance is analyzed
and compared with other coscheduling algorithms. 

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