An Expandable Parallel File System Using NFS servers
Felix Garcia - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Alejandro Calderon - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Jesus Carretero - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Jose M. Perez - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Javier Fernandez - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
This paper describes a new parallel file system, called Expand
(Expandable Parallel File System), that is based on
NFS servers. Expand allows the transparent use of multiple NFS
servers as a single file system. The different NFS servers are
combined to create a distributed partition where files are
declustered. Expand requires no changes to the NFS server and uses
RPC operations to provide parallel access to the same file. Expand
is also independent of the clients, because all operations are
implemented using RPC and NFS protocol. Using this system, we can
join heterogeneous servers (Linux, Solaris, Windows 2000, etc.) to
provide a parallel and distributed partition. The paper describes
the design of Expand and the evaluation of a prototype of Expand.
This evaluation has been made in Linux clusters and compares
Expand, NFS and PVFS.
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