Static Scheduling with Interruption Costs for Computer Vision Applications
Francisco A. Candelas Herias - DFISTS, University of Alicante
Fernando Torres Medina - DFISTS, University of Alicante
Pablo Gil Vazquez - DFISTS, University of Alicante
Santiago T. Puente Mendez - DFISTS, University of Alicante
It is very difficult to find pre-emptive scheduling algorithms that consider
all the main characteristics of computer vision systems. Moreover, there is
no generic algorithm that considers interruption costs for such systems.
the interruption of tasks into account scheduling results can be improved.
it is also very important to take the costs that arise from interruptions
into account because they not only increase the total execution time, but
because the scheduler can evaluate whether it is adequate to interrupt
tasks or not. Thus, the result can be more realistic. Therefore, we present
extension to the static algorithm SASEPA for computer vision which considers
interruption costs.
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