Improving Binomial Trees for Broadcasting in Local Networks of Workstations
Silvia Figueira - Santa Clara University
NOWs (Networks of workstations) have been extensively used 
to execute parallel applications. Although NOWs seem to be an easy 
and inexpensive way of obtaining great performance, it may not 
always be so. When using such an environment for executing a 
parallel application, performance may not be as good as expected due 
to delays in communication. Also, the heterogeneity in communication 
makes it hard to take advantage, or reuse, communication strategies 
that were useful in regular-topology platforms, e.g., parallel 
machines or LAN-based clusters of workstations. For instance, 
broadcasting in a NOW may be more challenging due to the variety of
communication links and, consequently, of point-to-point latencies. 
In this paper, we present a strategy to improve broadcast algorithms 
that are based on binomial trees, which are used in regular-topology 
platforms, so that they can execute efficiently in Local NOWs.
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