Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations Using Parallel Computers
Rainald Lohner - School of Computational Sciences and Informatics, George Mason University
Joseph Baum - Applied Physics Operations, Science Applications International Corp.
Charles Charman - General Atomics
Daniele Pelessone - Engineering Software System Solutions
A methodology to simulate large-scale fluid-structure interaction
problems on parallel machines has been developed. Particular emphasis
was placed on shock-structure interaction problems. For the fluid,
a high-resolution FEM-FCT solver based on unstructured grids is used.
The surface motion is handled either by moving, body fitted
grids, or via surface embedding. For the structure, a Lagrangean
large-deformation finite
element code is employed. The coupled system is solved using a loose
coupling algorithm, with position and velocity interpolation and
force projection. Several examples, run on parallel machines, demonstrate
the range of applicability of the proposed methodology.
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