Performance of Message-Passing MATLAB Toolboxes
Javier Fernández - ETSII, Univ. Granada
Antonio Cañas - ETSII, Univ. Granada
Antonio Díaz - ETSII, Univ. Granada
Jesús González - ETSII, Univ. Granada
Julio Ortega - ETSII, Univ. Granada
Alberto Prieto - ETSII, Univ. Granada
In this work we compare some of the freely available parallel Toolboxes for
which differ in purpose and implementation details:
while DP-Toolbox and MultiMATLAB offer a higher-level parallel environment,
PVMTB and MPITB, developed by us [7],
try to closely adhere to the PVM system and MPI standard, respectively.
DP-Toolbox is also based on PVM, and MultiMATLAB on MPI.
These Toolboxes let the user build a parallel application under
the rapid-prototyping MATLAB environment.
Their differences are illustrated by means of a performance test
and a simple case study frequently found in the literature.
Thus, depending on the preferred message-passing software
and the performance requirements of the application,
the user can either choose a higher-level Toolbox and benefit from easier
or directly interface to the message-passing routines and
benefit from greater control and performance.

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