VECPAR'06 - Seventh International Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science |
Parallel Selfverified Method for Solving Linear Systems
Mariana Kolberg (PUCRS - PPGCC)
Lucas Baldo (PUCRS - PPGCC)
Pedro Velho (PUCRS - PPGCC)
Thais Webber (PUCRS - PPGCC)
Paulo Fernandes (PUCRS - PPGCC)
Dalcidio Claudio (PUCRS - PPGCC)
This paper presents the parallelization of a self-verified method for solving dense linear equations. Verified computing provides an interval result that surely contains the correct result. The advent of parallel computing and its impact in the overall performance of various algorithms on numerical analysis have been increasing in the last decade. Two main points of this method, which demand a higher computational cost, were carried out: the backward/forward substitution of a LU-decomposed matrix A and an iterative refinement step. Our main contribution is to point out the advantages an drawbacks of our approach, in order to popularize the use of self-verified computation.
Cluster and Grid Computing, Numerical Methods (Linear algebra), Parallel and Distributed Computing
Logos Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - Coordenação dos Programas de Pós-graduação de Engenharia Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada Rio de Janeiro | Brazil | 2006 | July | 10 11 12 13