VECPAR'06 - Seventh International Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science |
The Distributed Data Protocol within OOPAR
Philippe Devloo (UNICAMP)
Edimar Cesar Rylo (UNICAMP)
Tiago Forti (UNICAMP)
This contribution describes a distributed data protocol as implemented in the object oriented programming environment OOPAR. OOPAR develops a paradigm for the development of parallel algorithms based on the concepts of tasks which act on distributed data. The task objects which implement a part of the parallel program depends on data objects with specific version to operate. The dependency of the tasks with respect to the data are registered by a data manager which takes actions to satisfy the tasks request. The procedure implemented by the data manager resembles a distributed data access protocol and is documented in the paper. Its main features are : -the administration is performed in a distributed manner (there is no "central processor") -objects are transmitted between processors only if needed -several processors can access an object simultaneously if they requested read access -the administration guarantees the consistency of access states if the requests are consistent -tasks which request access to objects with version older than the actual version of the object are automatically canceled.
Data Processing, Parallel and Distributed Computing
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