VECPAR'06 - Seventh International Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science |
A New Segmentation Method for High Resolution Computed Tomographic Images
Park Jong-An (Chosun University)
Pan Koo Kim (Chosun University)
Sung Bum Pan (Chosun University)
Tae Ohk Kim (Chosun University)
Young Eun An (Chosun University)
Segmentation of High Resolution computed Tomographic (HRCT) image is an active area of research. As such, many image segmentation tech-niques have been presented in the literature for the segmentation of the HRCT images. However, our emphasis is on the multiscale segmentation methods that can segment the medical image so that various components within the image could be separated at multiple resolutions or scales. In this paper, we present a new segmentation method based on an optical transfer function implemented in the Frequency domain and with this new segmentation technique, we demon-strate that it is possible to segment the HRCT images into its various compo-nents at multiple scales hence separating the information available in the HRCT image. The processing is done in the frequency domain using the Fast Fourier Transform. We show that the HRCT image can be segmented such that we get separate images for bones, tissues, lungs and anatomical structures within the lungs.
Data Processing
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