Phase 2 (Paper Submission) — Explanation

(Possible until December 11th, 2009)

Field(s)What to fill in
Format of your paper: You may upload your paper in PDF or (compressed) Postscript format.
Please read the Authors' Instructions at Springer Verlag and do not use any header or footer, running title or author, or the A4paper option.
Location of your Paper: Please use the 'Browse...' button to select the file that represents your paper. (If you do not see a button with the text "Browse ..." next to the line stating "Location of your paper", you must upgrade your browser.)
Number of pages: This allows us to check whether your paper is complete
Data that you submitted in phase 1 is displayed. Please check the data and, if necessary, make corrections
Contact Person: The Contact Person is the person who will be sent the result of the reviewing process and the comments of the reviewers. Therefore, please accurately state the complete address information (how it should appear on an envelope), phone and fax number and email address. The email address is very important. It needs to be typed twice. As long as they differ, the submission cannot be accepted.
Title of paper: The title of the paper that you submit.
Authors' names: The names of all authors of the paper, including their affiliation. If the number of authors is more than 6, please use the 'Remarks' field to mention the other authors. All 3 author fields are required.
PC Member: Papers submitted by authors who are also a member of the Programming Committee are treated separately from the other papers. Please indicate if any of the authors of your paper is a member of the Programming Committee.
Remarks: Use this field if more than 6 authors have contributed to the paper you submit or if you have any other remarks.

After clicking the 'Submit data for phase 2' button your data is checked for consistency. If not all required data is there, you will be pointed out the missing parts. In that case, use the 'Back' button of your browser to return to your submission form, fill in the missing parts and re-submit.

If (we think) all we need is there, the data is saved. A table will be displayed with the data as we have received it. Instead of the contents of the file, the size of your paper will be be shown to allow you to check if it was correctly transferred. Further, the Contact Person will receive a confirmation of your submission by email.

Clicking 'Clear all fields' will, as can be expected, empty all fields.

Use the 'Back' button of your browser to return to the submission form.

In case of problems, please contact VECPAR2010 Webchair.