VECPAR'06 - Seventh International Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science |
Grid Enabled Metamodeling
Dirk Gorissen (Antwerp University)
Karel Crombecq (Antwerp University)
Wouter Hendrickx (Antwerp University)
Tom Dhaene (Antwerp University)
The process of simulating and optimizing complex mechanical and electronical systems is a very time consuming and computationally intensive task. As a result, metamodeling techniques are often used for the efficient exploration of the design space, as they reduce the number of simulations needed. However, conventially such metamodels are constructed sequentially, without exploiting inherent parallelism. To tackle this inefficient use of resources we propose a framework where modeler and simulator interact through a distributed environment, (using established grid computing techniques) thus decreasing model generation and simulation turnaround time. This paper provides evidence that such a distributed approach for adaptive sampling and modeling is worthwhile investigating. Research in this new field can lead to even more innovative automated modeling tools for complex simulation systems.
Middlewares, distributed systems, runtime systems,... , Programming environments , Scheduling, load balancing, scalability, fault tolerance issues,... , Problem solving environments, Grid applications, Modeling
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