VECPAR'06 - Seventh International Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science |
Distributed General Logging Architecture for Grid Environments
Carlos de Alfonso (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia)
Miguel Caballer (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia)
José V. Carrión (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia)
Vicente Hernández (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia)
The registry of information about the activity of applications is an important issue in Grid environments. There are different projects which have developed tools for supporting the track of the resources. Nevertheless, most of them are mainly focused in measuring CPU usage, memory, disk, etc. because they are oriented to the classical use of the Grid to share computational power and storage capacity. This paper proposes a distributed architecture which provides logging facilities in service oriented Grid environments (DiLoS). This architecture is structured so that can fit to hierarchical, flat, etc. grid deployments. The information generated during the activity in the services are scattered among the different levels of a Grid deployment, providing features such as backup of the information, delegation of the storage, etc. In order to create the hierarchy of log services, the architecture is based on discovery facilities that can be implemented in different ways, which the user may configure according to the specific deployment. A case of use is described, where the DiLoS architecture has been applied to the gCitizen project.
Middlewares, distributed systems, runtime systems,... ,
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