VECPAR'06 - Seventh International Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science |
Interoperability Between UNICORE and ITBL
Yoshio Suzuki (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Takahiro Minami (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Masayuki Tani (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Norihiro Nakajima (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Rainer Keller (Universität Stuttgart)
Thomas Beisel (Universität Stuttgart)
The interoperability among different science grid systems is indispensable to worldwide use of a large-scale experimental facility as well as a large-scale supercomputer. One of the simplest ways to achieve the interoperability is to convert message among different science grid systems without modifying themselves. Under such consideration, the interoperability between UNICORE and ITBL (IT-Based Laboratory) has been achieved without modifying these grid systems by adopting a connection server which works as a mediator. Until international standardization is established, the method of message conversion among different science grid systems is promising as a way to establish the interoperability.
Interoperability issues
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