VECPAR'06 - Seventh International Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science |
Scalable Desktop Grid System
Peter Kacsuk (MTA SZTAKI)
Norbert Podhorszki (MTA SZTAKI)
Tamás Kiss (Univ. of Westminster)
Desktop grids are easy to install on large number of personal computers, which is a prerequisite for the spread of grid technology. Current desktop grids connect all PCs into a flat hierarchy, that is, all computers to a central server. SZTAKI Desktop Grid starts from a standalone desktop grid, as a building block. It is extended to include clusters as single powerful PCs, while using their local resource management system. Such building blocks support overtaking additional tasks from other desktop grids, enabling the set-up of a hierarchy. Desktop grids with different owners thus can share resources, although only in a hierarchical structure. This brings desktop grids closer to other grid technologies where sharing resources by several users is the most important feature.
Cluster and Grid Computing
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