VECPAR'06 - Seventh International Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science |
A Parallel and Serial Domain Decomposition for Noise Removal Using a Nonlinear Diffusion Equation
Maurílio Boaventura (São Paulo State University)
Inês Boaventura (São Paulo State University)
Evanivaldo Silva (Faculty of Tecnology)
Célia Barcelos (Federal University of Uberlândia)
The main purpose of this paper is to show a domain decomposition with parallel and serial approaches for a nonlinear diffusion model used in the processing of digital images suggested by Barcelos, Boaventura and Silva Jr. [3], in addition to a multi-domain analysis for the evolution of this equation, which has as its main characteristic a balanced diffusion with a consequent preservation of boundaries. Some numerical results will be shown in order to illustrate the performance obtained in the model.
Data Processing, Large Scale Simulations in all areas of Engineering and Science, Numerical Methods (Linear algebra), Numerical Methods (PDE), Parallel and Distributed Computing, Problem Solving Environments
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