Toward an International Sparse Linear Algebra Expert System by Interconnecting the ITBL Computational Grid with the Grid-TLSE Platform
Noriyuki Kushida (JAEA)
Yoshio Suzuki (JAEA)
Naoya Teshima (JAEA)
Norihiro Nakajim (JAEA)
Yves Caniou (LIP-ENS)
In the present paper, the methodology of interoperability between ITBL and Grid-TLSE is described. Grid-TLSE is an expert web site to provides user assistance in choosing the right solver for its problems and appropriate values for the control parameters of the selected solve. The time to solution of linear equation solver strongly depends on the type of problem, the selected algorithm, its implementation and the target computer architecture. Grid-TLSE uses the Diet middleware to distribute computing tasks over the Grid. Therefore, extending the variety of computer architecture by Grid middleware interoperability between Diet and ITBL has a beneficial impact to the expert system. To show the feasibility of the methodology, job transfering program as a special service of Diet was developed.
Grid Computing (middleware, algorithms, performance evaluation, ...)
Toulouse | France | 2008 | June | 24  25  26  27