Simulation of Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) on Grid
Fadi Khalil (Université de Toulouse, ENSEEIHT, LAAS-CNRS)
Bernard Miegemolle (Université de Toulouse, INSA, LAAS-CNRS)
Thierry Monteil (Université de Toulouse, INSA, LAAS-CNRS)
Hervé Aubert (Université de Toulouse, ENSEEIHT, LAAS-CNRS)
Fabio Coccetti (Université de Toulouse, LAAS-CNRS)
Robert Plana (Université de Toulouse, UPS, LAAS-CNRS)
The future Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) will involve high complex architectures. The design and the Electro-Magnetic simulation of those components require more and more computer memory and computational time. Grid Computing allows to execute all possible configurations of MEMS simulations. In this article, we consider the case of a phase shifter based on N Radio Frequency (RF) MEMS systems which creates $2^N$ possible configurations. A free open source Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) fullwave Electro-Magnetic solver, called YATPAC (Yet Another TLM Package), is used to simulate the MEMS. The extensions of YATPAC Simulation Package for an execution in grid context, and especially for the French experimental Grid Computing platform Grid'5000, are explained. The execution is done over several sites. A study of performance for deployment of code and data, execution time and recovery of results is commented to show the potential of TLM over a grid.
Large Scale Simulations in CS&E (earth, environment, finance, geoscience, engineering, ...)
Toulouse | France | 2008 | June | 24  25  26  27