Sparse Days at CERFACS 2008

Sparse Days at CERFACS

Each year in early summer, the Parallel Algorithm Team at CERFACS holds a meeting entitled "Sparse Days at CERFACS" and this year it will be held as a Workshop for the VECPAR'08 meeting in Toulouse.

The main theme of the Sparse Days this year will reflect this and be on vector and parallel computing, including also work on modern architectures like multicores, graphics processing units etc.

The meeting will be held at CERFACS (an easy metro/bus ride from the centre of Toulouse, see the access to Meteopole) from mid-morning on Monday 23 June until late afternoon on Tuesday 24 June, followed by a banquet dinner.

People registering for the VECPAR meeting should indicate if they wish to participate in this workshop. There is also the possibility to register directly for the workshop itself but in that case papers presented at the Workshop will not be eligible to be included in the VECPAR Proceedings.

There will be no registration fees for the workshop although the cost of the banquet will be 40 euros.

Registration and other information for the VECPAR'08 conference can be found on the web site:

Updated information on this workshop can be found there or directly from:

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