VECPAR'06 - Seventh International Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science |
Management of Services Based on a Semantic Description within the GRID-TLSE Project
Patrick Amestoy (IRIT-ENSEEIHT)
Christophe Hamerling (IRIT-ENSEEIHT)
Chiara Puglisi (IRIT-ENSEEIHT)
Michel Daydé (IRIT-ENSEEIHT)
The goal of the GRID-TLSE Project is to design an expert site that provides an easy access to a number of tools allowing comparative analysis of sparse matrix packages on a user-submitted problem, as well as on particular matrices from the matrix collection also available on the site. When making available a large amount of software over a computational Grid, facilitating its deployment and its exploitation become crucial. Within the GRID-TLSE Project, we use a software component approach based on a high level semantic description of the scientific computing services. In this paper, we focus on one aspect of this description of the computational services: the use of meta-data called abstract parameters. Our approach allows the automatic discovery and the exploitation of new services throught the concept of scenario.
Service management and description
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