DTR: Distributed Transaction Routing in a Large Scale Network
Idrissa Sarr (University Paris 6, France)
Hubert Naacke (University Paris 6, France)
Stephane Gancarski (University Paris 6, France)
Grid systems provide access to huge storage and computing resources at large scale. While they have been mainly dedicated to scientific computing for years, grids are now considered as a viable solution for hosting data-intensive applications. To this end, databases are replicated over the grid in order to achieve high availability and fast transaction processing thanks to parallelism. However, achieving both fast and consistent data access on such architectures is challenging at many points. In particular, centralized control is prohibited because of its vulnerability and lack of efficiency at large scale. In this article, we propose a novel solution for the distributed control of transaction routing in a large scale network. We leverage a cluster-oriented routing solution with a fully distributed approach that uses a large scale distributed directory to handle routing metadata. Moreover, we demonstrate the feasibility of our implementation through experimentation: results expose linear scale-up, and transaction routing time is fast enough to make our solution eligible for update intensive applications such as world wide online booking.
Replication and fault-tolerance in Grids
Toulouse | France | 2008 | June | 24  25  26  27