Distributed Management of Massive Data: an Efficient Fine-grain Data Access Scheme
Bogdan Nicolae (University of Rennes 1/IRISA, France)
Gabriel Antoniu (INRIA/IRISA, France)
Luc Bouge (ENS Cachan - Brittany Extension, Campus Ker Lann, 35170 Bruz, France)
This paper addresses the problem of efficiently storing and accessing massive data blocks in a large-scale distributed environment, while providing efficient fine-grain access to data subsets. This issue is crucial in the context of applications in the field of databases, data mining and multimedia. We propose a data sharing service based on distributed, RAM-based storage of data, while leveraging a DHT-based, natively parallel metadata management scheme. As opposed to the most commonly used grid storage infrastructures that provide mechanisms for explicit data localization and transfer, we provide a transparent access model, where data are accessed through global identifiers. Our proposal has been validated through a prototype implementation whose preliminary evaluation on the Grid'5000 testbed provides promising results.
Data Grid infrastructures, Data-intensive Grid applications, Indexing, caching and load balancing in Grids
Toulouse | France | 2008 | June | 24  25  26  27