On the I/O Volume in Out-of-Core Multifrontal Methods with a Flexible Allocation Scheme
Emmanuel Agullo (ENS Lyon / Université de Lyon / LIP)
Abdou Guermouche (Université de Bordeaux 1 / LABRI)
Jean-Yves L'Excellent (INRIA / Université de Lyon / LIP)
Sparse direct solvers, and in particular multifrontal methods, are widely used in various simulation problems. Because of their large memory requirements, the use of out-of-core solvers is compulsory for large-scale problems, where disks are used to extend the core memory. This study is at the junction of two previous independent works: it extends the problem of the minimization of the volume of I/O in the multifrontal method to the more general flexible parent allocation algorithm. We explain how to compute the I/O volume with respect to this scheme and propose an efficient greedy heuristic which significantly reduces the I/O volume on real-life problems in this new context.
Numerical Algorithms for CS&E, Discrete and Combinatorial Algorithms for CS&E, Out-of-core
Toulouse | France | 2008 | June | 24  25  26  27