Accepted Papers

  • Accelerating the Conjugate Gradient Algorithm with GPU in CFD Simulations
    Hartwig Anzt, Marc Baboulin, Jack Dongarra, Yvan Fournier, Frank Hulsemann, Amal Khabou and Yushan Wang.
  • A Cross-Core Performance Model for Heterogeneous Many-Core Architectures
    Rui Pinheiro, Nuno Roma and Pedro Tomás.
  • A Data Parallel Algorithm for Seismic Raytracing
    Allen Malony, Stephanie McCumsey, Joseph Byrnes, Craig Rasmusen, Soren Rasmusen, Erik Keever and Douglas Toomey.
  • A Heterogeneous Runtime Environment for Scientific Desktop Computing
    Nuno Oliveira and Pedro Medeiros.
  • An Application-Level Solution for the Dynamic Reconfiguration of MPI Applications
    Iván Cores, Patricia Gonzalez, Emmanuel Jeannot, María J. Martín and Gabriel Rodriguez.
  • A Parallel and Resilient Frontend for High Performance Validation Suites
    Julien Adam and Marc Pérache.
  • Aspect Oriented Parallel Framework for Java
    Bruno Medeiros and João Sobral.
  • A Vectorized, Cache Efficient LLL Implementation
    Artur Mariano, Fábio Correia and Christian Bischof.
  • Computing the Bidiagonal SVD through an Associated Tridiagonal Eigenproblem
    Osni Marques and Paulo Vasconcelos.
  • Evaluation of Runtime Cut-off Approaches for Parallel Programs
    Alcides Fonseca and Bruno Cabral.
  • Gaspar Data-Centric Framework
    Rui Silva and João Sobral.
  • HPC on the Intel Xeon Phi: Homomorphic Word Searching
    Paulo Martins and Leonel Sousa.
  • Implementation and Evaluation of NAS Parallel CG Benchmark on GPU Cluster with Proprietary Interconnect TCA
    Kazuya Matsumoto, Norihisa Fujita, Toshihiro Hanawa and Taisuke Boku.
  • On the Acceleration of Graph500: Characterizing PCIe Overheads with Multi-GPUs
    Mayank Daga.
  • Parallelisation of MACOPA, a Multi-Physics Asynchronous Solver
    Ronan Guivarch, Guillaume Joslin, Ronan Perrussel, Daniel Ruiz, Jean Tshimanga and Thomas Unfer.
  • Performance Analysis of SA-AMG Method by Setting Extracted Near-Kernel Vectors
    Naoya Nomura, Akihiro Fujii, Teruo Tanaka, Kengo Nakajima and Osni Marques.
  • Scientific Workflow Scheduling with Provenance Support in Multisite Cloud
    Ji Liu, Esther Pacitti, Patrick Valduriez and Marta Mattoso.
  • SIMD Parallel Sparse Matrix-Vector and Transposed-Matrix-Vector Multiplication in DD Precision
    Toshiaki Hishinuma, Hidehiko Hasegawa and Teruo Tanaka.
  • The Design of Advanced Communication to Reduce Memory Usage for Exa-Scale Systems
    Shinji Sumimoto, Yuichiro Ajima, Kazushige Saga, Takafumi Nose, Naoyuki Shida and Takeshi Nanri.