CANCELLED - Workshop on "High Performance Computing & Energy Efficiency (HPCEE)" - July, 1st

This workshop is focused on scheduling policies and tools to address energy efficiency for large scale Data Centers and HPC applications.


  • Georges Da Costa
    IRIT Lab, University of Toulouse, France
  • Patricia Stolf
    IRIT Lab, University of Toulouse, France

 CANCELLED - Workshop on "Performance, Power and Energy-Efficiency Optimization in Heterogeneous Systems (PPEO)" - July, 1st

The goal of this workshop is to bring together active researchers who are interested in prevailing issues and prominent challenges related to optimizing the performance, power, and energy efficiency in the latest generations of heterogeneous computing devices and systems.


  • Nuno Roma
    INESC-ID, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa
  • Pedro Tomás
    INESC-ID, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa

Workshop on "Big Data & Deep Learning in HPC" - June, 30th

The workshop will be concerned with the exchange of experience among academics, researchers and the industry whose work in big data and deep learning require high performance computing to achieve goals. Participants will present recently developed algorithms/systems, on going work and applications taking advantage of such parallel or distributed environments.


  • Carlos Ferreira
    (INESC TEC LA and Polytechnic Institute of Porto)
  • João Gama
    (LIAAD - INESC TEC LA and University of Porto)
  • Albert Bifet
    (Telecom ParisTech)
  • Vítor Santos Costa
    (CRACS - INESC TEC LA and University of Porto)
  • Rui Camacho
    (LIAAD -INESC TEC LA and University of Porto)

Workshop on "Computational Challenges for Climate Modeling and Weather Prediction" - July, 1st

In this workshop we will discuss the many technical challenges related to the computational aspects related to climate modeling and weather prediction, namely:

  • Development and calibration of algorithmic models;
  • Programming models and the role of domain-specific languages (DSL);
  • Performance understanding and performance portability to newer HPC systems;
  • Leveraging computational heterogeneity (many-core, GPU and FPGA) for acceleration;
  • Design space exploration (DSE) of parameter spaces for models and its trade-offs;

Programmatically, half of the workshop will be devoted to a comprehensive introduction to climate models and weather prediction, where the audience will be exposed to basic definitions, key concepts, abstractions, design flows, and design constraints; also some highly visible research projects will be presented as exemplars to provide an overview of existing and emerging solutions in this domain. The other half of the event will create a forum for interactive discussion and exchange of ideas and experiences between researchers through posters and demonstrations, with the goal of highlighting details on applicability, performance, and strengths of current solutions. Our aim is for attendees to learn about emerging computing techniques, highlight publicly available modeling and simulation tools, and view directions for longer-term research.


  • Haroldo F. de Campos Velho
    (INPE, São José dos Campos, Brazil)
  • Pedro C. Diniz
    (ISI/USC, USA)
  • João M. P. Cardoso
    (University of Porto and INESC-TEC, Porto, Portugal)
  • Eduardo Marques
    (ICMC/USP, Brazil)